KoobinEvent Software

Your integral solution for event management and ticket sales

KoobinEvent software provides all the necessary tools so that you can self-manage your events in the most efficient way. Make use of the best technology, enjoy full control over your ticketing, from the event and venue configuration, the sale of your subscriptions, tickets, events and products,  the activation of promotions and packages, until your customer access your venue and enjoys the event. Get results from your sales and attendance and analyze your audiences with our CRM and BI tools. Build loyalty and prepare personalized offers and campaigns.

Manage your products completely independently, whether they are subscriptions, packages, events or add any other product or additional service to the ticket (catering, merchandising, parking, insurance …). You can create as many user profiles as you need and grant access to the admin with or without any limit. With a computer and an Internet connection you can work from anywhere and anytime, thanks to our 100% Cloud platform.

We prepare a sales webpage with your look&feel to improve user experience. Program and activate your sales at any time through your own channels, making use of the power of your website and your ticket office. If you wish, you can sell your products through new outlets or external distribution channels, always having control.

Control the evolution of your sales, using the wide range of reports provided by KoobinEvent. Filter them to get the results you’re looking for and export them to Excel or display them on screen. Through our CRM API you can export all kind of customer and financial data to external applications (accounting systems, SAP, ERP …).

Carry out the necessary actions at the right time. Take advantage of the many options that the system provides: use of promotional codes, last-minute rates, flat rates and discounts with a maximum number of uses, timely promotions, offers for certain groups with online validation… Activate and disable your promotions with the characteristics that only you define, when you want and without relying on anyone.

You can personalize your tickets, your products or services receipts, your subscribers and  Loyalty Club’s cards. Your users can get them in Print-in-home, mobile or Apple Wallet format. Print them in thermal format at your ticket offices or at your points of sale. With KoobinPrint, a print application fully developed by our team, you can even print them remotely.

We will provide you with code readers so that you can carry out your access control sessions in a comfortable and professional way. By using KoobinAccess application, all server support statistics will be automatically loaded, therefore from the back office you can consult any information about the attendance to any event, either in real time or once past.

Analyze your audiences, foment loyalty and consolidate your customer database. Our CRM tools allow you to do all kinds of inquiries to know in detail the behavior of your users. Segment your database and personalize your message to your customers. In addition, you can enjoy a complete Business Intelligence module, in the hands of our partners TekneData.

Venue Management

We prepare seating maps with the best graphic representation for desktop and mobile devices.

Seating map in a single page, with a real distribution of the seats, with 3D vision*, representation of the floors and view from each seat. Configure visibility percentages with warning messages and associate additional features to each seat according to your customers’ needs.

Numbered, unnumbered or mixed seating maps. Anyway, your venue will have the necessary tools to manage it in the most complete way.

* In collaboration with Mobile Media Content.



Italian theater represented graphically in a single page with floor pre-selection



Venue divided in sectors, categorized by price areas




 View of all seating areas on a single page

Subscriber and subscription management

With KoobinEvent you can manage and market all kind of subscriptions: seasonal subscriptions (fixed and flexible), subscription shifts, multi-venue subscriptions or subscription packages.

Generate SEPA remittances and load them directly into your bank. Design your subscriber cards or print all tickets in ticket-book format.

Your subscribers will be able to carry out all procedures comfortably online from their Personal Zone:

  • Renewal: they can renew their subscription from one season to another by paying it via web, even by direct debit (fractional or single payment).
  • Upgrade: during the renewal process they can upgrade their subscription by paying the difference.
  • Change of seats: they can change one event of their subscription for another.
  • Ticket yielding: they will have the possibility to extract any ticket from their subscription and send it by email.
  • Secondary market: they can release and sell their seats and receive rewards if those seats are sold to other people.

Sale of all kinds of events and products

Market your events and products through the channels you prefer. Single or multi-session events with calendar selection, for free or with price, with a preferential sale for subscribers or for certain groups. Sell your events and your packages or subscriptions simultaneously without any complications.

Create more offer for your users: catering services, guided tours, parking, merchandising with stock management, gift cards with balances or flat rates with exchangeable uses for tickets.

Ticket Design

Customize your Print-at-home, mobile, Apple Wallet and thermal tickets to your liking. Add images, texts, advertising, sponsor logos or promotional codes and use designs for general uses or for specific events or products.

Promotions: rates, discounts and packages

Maximize sales by creating and programming all kinds of promotions:

  • Online validation for groups
  • Promotional codes
  • Online validable free rates
  • Exclusive rates for your subscribers
  • Last-minute and early bird promotions
  • Programming of temporary promotions with maximum uses
  • A la carte event packages, fixed or mixed
  • Create your Loyalty Club and offer rewards for the purchases

Revenue optimization

Increase your income per ticket sold through our dynamic pricing tool associated with the occupancy level of your events. You just have to configure your parameters and define what events and price categories apply. Prices will increase or decrease, as a percentage or in fixed amounts.

Many available methods of payment

We implement your own payment means so that you receive directly all of the income, without any need to do liquidations. You can use the methods of payment you require: 

Points of sale

Increase the visibility of your products, reach new audiences and improve sales by enabling additional points of sale. Only you will decide which channels you want: from a tourist office, through hotels or travel agencies, to external distribution channels. We are already integrated with main distributors such as:


Starlite Festival Marbella

Through our API our customers can offer their events on multiple platforms, in real time and on the same seating map

CRM & Social Networks

With KoobinEvent you are the sole owner of your customer database. Use and extract all the juice of the CRM tools that we provide to consolidate it and make it a source of knowledge.

Configure customized registration forms, your audience segments according to the criteria you prefer and use our database interrogator to obtain all the information about your clients. Prepare and send personalized campaigns, either via MailChimp (with whom we are integrated) or with your preferred emailing manager.

Encourage your users to make use of the viralization tools we provide and simply harness the power of the network and… GO VIRAL!

Come with me!

With the  “Come with me!” feature, your users can post links of their purchases in the social networks so that their friends can buy the seats closest to theirs

Business Intelligence

Transform with Teknedata all your data into meaningful information to facilitate decision making and the most efficient optimization of your resources.

This Business Intelligence module provides you with the most powerful sales, revenue and public analysis tools and puts at your disposal, in a graphical, simple and understandable way, the necessary data so that you evaluate what are the best strategies to implement in your business.

In partnership with Teknecultura

They already work with KoobinEvent and Teknedata, among others:

Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

Gran Teatre del Liceu 

Auditori de Barcelona 

Teatres Victòria i Poliorama

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